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November 21, 2016

23 Books Obama Should Buy On His Annual D.C. Bookstore Trip

From Kojo Nnamdi's blog:

Politics & Prose recommends
books for President Obama to
the Kojo Nnamdi Show:

A Year in Rock Creek Park
by Melanie Choukas-Bradley

"President Obama and family
should get to know the beautiful
park near their new home in
Kalorama. If he needs a tour guide, there are eager Politics & Prose staffers happy to be of service!"

Go here to read the whole Blog.

Rachel Carson 75th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration

Hear and meet leading authors, environmental leaders, and members of Congress at the Rachel Carson Council’s all-day, one-of-a-kind event on Wednesday, November 30, on Capitol Hill.
Get all the details here.

The Benefits of Forest Bathing

“Forest bathing is slowing down and connecting with nature with all your senses and it’s something you can do very close to home,” says Melanie, in an interview with Alexa Mergen, writing for mylittlebird -
The Grownup Girl's Guide to D.C. Living
Find out more about forest bathing here.

Smithsonian Associates

Photo by Susan Austin Roth

Washington’s True WILD Side
Honoring the National Park
Service’s 100th Anniversary!

Announcing an evening program
with book signing on September 27
and an all-day bus tour
on September 30 to better
appreciate our local treasure—
Rock Creek Park.

Melanie talks about the park’s history and shares her impressions of its
natural wonders, drawing on her book,
A Year in Rock Creek Park – the Wild,
Wooded Heart of Washington DC.

Visit here to find out more!

"Forward Motion" television interview hosted by Karen Allyn. Tune in to Montgomery County Cable Channel 21 on the
following dates.

Sept. 7 at 9pm
Sept. 11 at 10:30pm
Sept. 23 at 4pm
Oct. 31 at 4pm

(Click on the image to
see the interview.)

How to Absolutely Crush
Rock Creek Park From
Top to Bottom In One Day

The Washingtonian Magazine has
created a Rock Creek Park Hiking
based on Melanie's
experience and suggestions.
You can find it here, ready for you
to download and print!

“Which Kind of Cherry
Blossom Are You?”

Click here to take the online quiz in
the Washington Post Express.
Story also published in the Washington Post Weekend Section as “Know
Yourself, and Your Flowers,” by Sadie Dingfelder, March 25, 2016.

American Forests magazine,
Winter-Spring 2016 issue.
(Click on the image to see the
whole magazine.)

Melanie's story is on pages 16-23.

Learn about DC trees -- and the
Witness Tree Protection Program

with author Melanie Choukas-Bradley in the Washington Post Express,
July 27, 2015.

(Click on the image to see the story.)

A Year in Rock Creek Park
The Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC

By Melanie Choukas-Bradley
with photographs by Susan Austin Roth

2015 IPPY award for regional nonfiction
Click here to read about the award

Click here to read about the edition published by
George F. Thompson Publishing and
distributed by the University of Virginia Press.
Click here to read about the limited edition
published by
George F. Thompson Publishing.

Melanie Choukas-Bradley with a
lace-bark pine, National Arboretum,
Washington, DC
Photo by Roberta Gutman.

Melanie Choukas-Bradley is a Washington, DC author and naturalist who leads field trips and tree tours for the Audubon Naturalist Society, the United States Botanic Garden, Smithsonian Associates, the Maryland and Virginia Native Plant Societies, the Rock Creek Conservancy, the Nature Conservancy, and other organizations. She is the author of the award-winning book, A Year in Rock Creek Park: The Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC, with photographs by Susan Austin Roth. The book was published in two editions in the fall of 2014 by George F. Thompson Publishing. The softcover edition is distributed by the University of Virginia Press.

Melanie is the author of three other critically acclaimed books: City of Trees: The Complete Field Guide to the Trees of Washington, DC, illustrated by Polly Alexander and now in its third edition (2008), An Illustrated Guide to Eastern Woodland Wildflowers and Trees: 350 Plants Observed at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, illustrated by Tina Thieme Brown (2004, 2007), and Sugarloaf: The Mountain’s History, Geology, and Natural Lore, illustrated by Tina Thieme Brown (2003), all published by the University of Virginia Press. She is also a long-time contributor to The Washington Post and other publications, has appeared as an author and guest expert on All Things Considered, The Diane Rehm Show, The Kojo Nnamdi Show, and Metro Connection. In 2014, Melanie was awarded one of four inaugural “Canopy Awards” by Casey Trees, for her efforts to educate people about the trees of Washington, DC.

When author and naturalist Melanie Choukas-Bradley moved to Washington, DC, she learned that the natural and human history of this "city of trees" goes well beyond the flowering cherries for which it is so well known. She set out to document the botany and history of the area's trees, and the result is "City of Trees: The Complete Botanical and Historical Guide to the Trees of Washington, DC," now in its third edition. Melanie leads field trips and tree tours for Casey Trees, the Audubon Naturalist Society, the US Botanic Garden, and other organizations in and around the city. Melanie shared this story in March 2013 during a workshop organized by The Truth About Trees in collaboration with Casey Trees, with support from the National Science Foundation.


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